What Does The Bible Say?

As Sola Scriptura means "the Scriptures alone" the Sola Scriptura Topical Bible was created so that every person can more easily read the words of The Bible for themselves, and be able to contemplate the meaning for themselves.  What is the message of God’s Holy Word?

The Sola Scriptura Topical Bible acts as a type of expanded Concordance that shows every reference to important spiritual topics (keyword) in the Scriptures that convey the true mesage and meaning of the Holy Bible.  All Scriptures are presented in order from The Book of Genesis to Revelation.

To  better understand each spiritual keyword the Verse is presented in full context, and the keyword is highlighted in bold font.

As reading all of the Verses that relate to a spiritual topic provides a unique understanding of how the meaning of the topical symbol changes, and sometimes becomes even more spiritual, as the story is told from the books of the Old Testament to its conclusion in the New Testament.


Sola Scriptura - Top 20 Spiritual Symbols - Book Cover.


See what The Bible itself says about 20 important Spiritual Themes and Symbols

Sola Scriptura - Top 20 Spiritual Symbols - Book Cover.


See what The Bible says about an important topic

Sola Scriptura - Book of Angels Cover.